New Book: Bugs!

 Recently Released: Bugs!

A Gorgeously Illustrated Children's Picture Ebook for Ages 2-8. Bugs are gross! Bugs are icky! There's a lot, so don't be picky! Some are covered in hair, and some are absolutely bare! Some crunchy and some are gooey. Some are squishy and some are chewy! Bugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They range from red and black to green and yellow, to spotted and transparent. Follow along with these fun rhymes describing some funky bugs, accompanied with some colorful bug-filled illustrations.

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Kindle Ebook Formatting Service

My dad has a new website.  Be sure to check out Fat Moon Books for information on kindle ebook formatting services and other projects.

The Legacy continues...

The Red Moon Festival happens only once a year for the villagers of Jindoi and someone has stolen all of the famous red bean pies! Thank goodness the five mouse sisters are on the case.

Follow along as these adorable sleuths use their special abilities to find the culprit and make things right for the Day of the Red Moon.

In The Five Mouse Sisters, the legacy of The Five Mouse Brothers continues. Don’t miss the sequel, now available.

The Bath Time Book

It was eight o'clock and time for bed, but Alfie wasn't tired. Alfie doesn't want a bath. He just wants to play.

Read along as Alfie turns this nightly chore into a fun, imaginary adventure. From safari hunts to slaying dragons, bath time will never be the same.

This is the perfect book to read before bed or bath!

The Awesome Superhero and Super Villain Set

A collection of three super stories:  How to be a Super Villain, How to be a Superhero, and Rod Dormin, Space Cop.

Now you can read all these fun tales in this complete set.

Checkout this new book from my dad.

Jayden was a small boy from a small family in the hills of the Emerald Isle.  He was small, but he had a very big wish—he wanted to be a knight.

One day the king gave him a quest.  “Bring me back a dragon’s egg and you will be knighted.”

And so began Jayden’s adventure.  Will he ever become the knight he dreams to be? And how will a surprising new friend help him?

Formatting Services

Interested in publishing your own children's picture books for Kindle but don't know how to format?  Here's your chance to get easy help.  Simply click the "Kindle eBook Formatting Service" button on the manual bar.  The introductory price is a special $50 for the first 10 customers.  These services are provided by the same guy who published all of Rachel Yu's books (her dad!).