A Wolf Pup's Tale Released Today !

This humorous, delightful story began as a writing assignment in Rachel’s 6th grade English class. Fast forward three years to the present, Rachel has transformed “Rugmo and the Other Side of the Fence,” to “A Wolf Pup’s Tale;” a beautifully illustrated, enchanting children’s book. It is a story about a young wolf pup, whose curiosity leads him to discovery, danger, and friendship.


This light, amusing children’s novel is a fun read for the entire family. It is about a young bird moving to a new town, discovering that he must put his “best wing forward” in meeting friends and foes alike. Rachel Yu, her mom, and brother discovered Hammie and his friends on one of their many walks along the bay. With the numerous flocks of birds flying overhead, floating in the water, and gathering in the marshlands, it was easy for them to create memorable characters as well as entertaining storylines. Fly High, Hammie Hawk is the result of a humorous and painful collaboration between Rachel and her Mom. They hope the reader will have as much fun reading this children’s novel, as they had imagining it. "

A Dragon Named Dragon Officially Out Today!

Today is the official release date for A Dragon Named Dragon! We hope that you will enjoy this book as much as we do. To purchase this book,

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Hope you enjoy A Dragon Named Dragon!

A Dragon Named Dragon Cover Sneak Peek

A Dragon Named Dragon is almost done! We would like to give you guys a sneak peek at the cover for the book! Looks like A Dragon Named Dragon is going to be a hit!

Sneak Peek from "A Dragon Named Dragon"

“What do you want?” He growled. A wisp of smoke curled out of his mouth.”
“To leave… please,” I said uneasily.

“If I let you go, you’ll just tell other big-nosed snoopy eared humans. And then there’ll be massive packs of them all here, disturbing me and my lunches,” he roared. “I know your species. You’re arrogant, greedy little insects.”

“I won’t tell anyone—promise! Any way, what are your lunches?” I inquired, hoping that he was a vegetarian.

A Dragon Named Dragon Children Book

This is a fun-loving, witty story about finding friendship in the oddest of places.  A young girl accidentally wanders onto the home of a dragon, known as "the Dragon".  Through enlightening conversations and humorous mishaps, a unique bond emerges between the two, leading to a surprising and warm ending.

A Dragon Named Dragon is a jewel amongst any child's library collection.  Readers who enjoy Andrew Clements' Big Al and Lio Lionni's Swimmy will also take pleasure in this anecdote.

First Post

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